May 22, 2011

Ideas Island | Your Ideas Come True

Want to stay—for free—on a Private Island while you work on making your best ideas happen?

Ideas Island, a private island in Palawan, Philippines, was created as a safe haven for creatives. A place made to inspire and motivate people with great ideas to make those ideas happen. Created to give creative people the time and space needed to sit down and focus on their ideas—while at the same time feeling great.

You get the whole island to yourself so that you can focus on finalizing what ever idea you want to make happen.

It has been created to make it as inspiring, relaxing and enjoying as possible to sit and work on ideas.

Give yourself time—and space—to think.

Ideas Island lets your mind be as free as can be. Your are in nature. You are alone. You are relaxed. You are close to water. All things that have been proven over and over again to be factors which are good for creativity.

Ideas Island is perfect for authors who need to finish a book, marketing managers who need to work on a marketing plan, CEOs who need to draw up a new strategy, entrepreneurs who need to get away to have time to think about the next big idea—or any other creative person who values the power of creating the perfect environment to maximize their creative potential.

Thinking room

Overlooking lush mangroves and sprawling mountains the view from the house will inspire you to think fresh and big ideas.

The house is not big (50 sqm), but since one whole side of the house is without walls the building is opening itself up for great views that inspire new thoughts and ideas.

The villa has two bed rooms with super King size beds and a large living room—or “thinking room.” All rooms—even the shower—have a view. The house is simple, but beautiful. It is totally built out of bamboo and other natural materials.

Food for thought…

Fish and crabs caught at the island. Mangoes, cashew nuts and a few coconuts grow near your house.

Fresh and delicious home cooked food delivered to your doorstep gives you the energy you need to work on your ideas.

Chilled fruit juices, wine and champagne is in the fridge. Cold, refreshing and great tasting natural spring water—that is safe to drink—comes out of the tap.

You will live—and eat—like a King.

Work while you commute

A brand new "banka" (local boat) with driver and boat boy is provided for you 24/7.
You can use it to visit some of the many uninhibited beaches around the area, or just get out on the sea for new and refreshing ideas.

When you need a break from work, hop on the boat to go to some of the beautiful attractions in Coron, most located less than 30 minutes by boat from Ideas Island. Some examples:
  • Dive on some of all the ship wrecks from World War Two.
  • Snorkel in coral gardens.(there is a beautiful one right at the island.)
  • Visit the caves, amazing lime stone mountains, breath taking coves.
  • Swim in hidden, fresh water lakes.
The amazing nature of Coron is sure to inspire your creativity.

Your own island—your own ideas

There is something special about being all alone on an island when it comes to thinking. The solitude opens up our minds. The water around the island effectively shelters off the outside world.

Ideas Island is protected from the strong winds and waves by high, beautiful, mountains on three sides. On the forth side there is a stunning, unobstructed, view of Coron Island.

The Island is located just 30 minutes by boat from Coron town on Busuanga Island which is a short 45 minute flight from Manila.

And here is the best part: It is FREE!

Yes, free. You get exclusive access to a private island in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and you do not have to pay to rent it. All you pay is 50 USD per day—for the whole island (!)—to cover the cost of the cleaning staff and care taker. Renting a private island usually costs from 5000 USD per day or even more.

Food is sold at cost (which in Palawan means very, very cheap. For example: 1 crab for 1 USD. We cook it for you.) For the boat you just pay for the gas that you use.

What’s the catch? There is none!
The people behind Ideas Island just want to support the realization of great ideas. We keep the right to decide who gets to stay at Ideas Island and we select the lucky few based on what ideas they plan to work on while on the Island and how much they pledge to support our efforts of supporting the local community in Coron.

IdeasIsland opened with a “soft launch” in April 2011.
The Island can now be booked, but not all things that we have planned for are in place yet.
  • There is only one villa at the moment (with 2 super King size beds—so up to 4 people can stay there now. We plan for 3 villas (with beds for 16 people).
  • There is only GPRS Internet on the island at the moment. We plan for at least 3G. (Free wifi is already available in Coron a short boat ride away from the Island.)
  • The electricity now comes from a diesel generator. We plan to run 100% on solar cells.
The real opening of IdeasIsland is planned for beginning of 2012.
But if you accept the limitations at the moment you are free to book a stay during the “soft launch.”

Want to stay at IdeasIsland?—More info.

View Coron Island in a larger map

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