March 2, 2011

iON | RnA Drops, Part 1

Source: Cash Flow,

iON explains RnA Drops, the Bread of Living Water.

When asked how to get the RnA Drops, iON responded, “Here’s how you do that. Any creation that comes to you, you give it intention. And what we assure you without fail or exception it will come to you. And until you get to the position where you can allow them to come into your experience, you could have a case of it in your mailbox and it wouldn’t do you any good.” RnA Drops are available here from Matthew Hurtado (see below).


  1. Instant Karma is going to get you. Or judgement day whichever comes first.

  2. Mark of the Beast!

  3. Mark 16 v 17,18. And these signs will accompany those who have believed in My name (Jesus),they will cast out Demons, they will speak with new tongues; v18 they will pick up Serpents and If They Drink Any deadly POISON, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

  4. WARNING: Opening to "iON" and "RnA" representation is to tap into dangerous, supernatural spirit realms of seduction, error & deception in which souls are steeped ever further in separation from the One & Only True & Living God, Jesus Christ.

    On the front end testimonies & benefits may seem rich & profound but the enormous trade-off results ultimately in torment & tragedy. Reference to the Holy Bible is misuse of the Holy Bible to steal credibility & allure the will to the captivity of demons.

  5. Yes, agreed, beware.



      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  6. RNA (Reptilian, Nephlim, Agenda)Drops.

  7. To Stephen Bennett. Great to connect at last. Have read various of your posts on the internet WARNING EVERYONE against ION and RNA drops. I'm inclined to believe that you're a GENUINE disgruntled CHRISTIAN rather than your being a salaried dis-info agent.

    Stephen carry on with your posts. YOU are a WONDERFUL advert for ION and RNA drops.

    Who better than a Christian - A CHRISTIAN who KNOWS that the RNA drops are REAL and WILL
    ASCEND EVERYONE - to advertise the RNA drops!

    Stephen, WHAT would you say to someone who has been to the REAL "Infinite Heaven" and "Infinite Hell" energy realms but WITHOUT using RNA drops?

    GOD oversees both HEAVEN and HELL... for HE is "BOTH" of them!


    RNA drops are "THE ULTIMATE GIFT" from the "ONE" GOD...


    ...and to RE-REMEMBER that WE are HE!

  8. Wow.You need some serious deprogramming my friend. You should order a case of RnA immediately and consume it post haste.:

  9. This stuff is great and it is from another dimension. First we have the formless energy spin and as this becomes dense it becomes solid structures, elements - geometrical shapes like crop circles. Lumped together they are chemical bonds. These codes like the computer system spin on top of each other. We call these chakras. The biological systems are controlled by the source code, electrical system or etheric system. The rna drops reprogram or provide specific instructions to code the blue print. Kind of like a dynamic link library. The universe has an infinite loop and sub loops known as fractals. At the timeless time it is faster than anything measured. As the sight and sound waves increase, we can tune into picture and sound frequency at a higher rate the same is true of higher chakras or frequencies. Back to RNA, this technology has been introduced at the perfect time and has been placed in the earths grid to be downloaded. This stuff is amazing. Its something I've been looking to manifest recently and as I experience the shifts I've had many experienced and these are very exciting times. Namaste! -amit

    1. Way to go, amit!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  10. So called Chrsitians & the World both struggle with what Christianity is!

    Calling yourself a Christian and being one is not the same!

    There are not many real Christians in this world, why? Because many do not seek the Kingdom of Heaven first, or live for God first and foremost above everything else in this world!

    Look at this Link at all the various interpretations from various Bible translations;

    "BUT SEEK FIRST" his kingdom and his righteousness...

    Next, something many Chrisitians are not on a level of Maturity for dealing with, or understanding; "Testing Spirits"!

    Look at this Link at all the various interpretations from various Bible translations;

    do not "Believe" every spirit, "But Test" the spirits...

    Next God promises his Holy Spirt to guide, teach and lead!

    Look at this Link at all the various interpretations from various Bible translations;

    he "Will" guide you into "All Truth"...

    God says he gives joy that makes us complete!

    Look at this Link at all the various interpretations from various Bible translations;

    Then God talks about his Peace and Joy that he leaves with us and guards us!

    So the PROBLEM really is this! If there are Natural ingredients in this, then yes God created those ingredients and there's nothing wrong with that, the PROBLEM is WHEN we start taking the things of God and PLACING them ABOVE God and making them a God, that is IDOLATRY and it's WRONG!

    So how do we know if we are to use things like this? WELL you have to FIRST SEEK the Kingdom of God and as God says, all other things shall be added! Now does that mean added right now? No and anyone that has ever seeked the Kingdom of God knows it can take a life time of seeking! After all, how old, how long did it take Jesus to prepare for his ministry?

    Next after a possible life time of seeking you have to be able to distinguish and know how to test the spirits to see if they are really from God!

    The TRUTH sets us Free!

    So REALLY LOOK at how this is all being presented to us! What we see here is that if there is any intervention of God, then God is being presented where or at all? Really it's the Cart before the Horse and that is the DANGER!

    God in all things of God, has to be SOUGHT FIRST and PRESENTED FIRST! Also when using the things of God, God has to be given credit, the REAL TRUE GOD, not MAN!

    Jesus is the SON of GOD the GOD HEAD, so are the people of this iON/RNA true believers in Christ, SEEKING the Kingdom of Heaven ABOVE all other things?

    God tells us not to Judge the world, so I won't, but what I can say as a Christian looking at what I see, I don't see the Son of God here Jesus, I see man glorifying Man!

    We don't need anything in this world, we only need the son of Man! Did he not raise from the dead, cast out sickness and heal? And so the God who created the Universe is not capable to heal you from whatever bothers you?


    James 5:15

    And the PRAYER OFFERED in FAITH WILL make the sick person WELL; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.

    Jesus is the WAY!

    1. I agree that Jesus is the Way. Because of the iONic source of the RNA drops formulation, would you say it should be avoided even if there are health benefits? The belief that we can all be gods is the original sin. So, what's this guy iON trying to do?

    2. Trying to scare the bejeezus out of you!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  11. Hey Test,I read your comment and I agree that we must seek God firts before all else because that is what the bible commands us to do.I am a born again believer in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and I know that He will come back as He said He would.From now until then I must be about His business.Now until then the times will progressively deteriate and get worse and more wicked.I dont know if these rna drops are ok or not.I already ordered them then I came searching to find out what they were made from.Still searching.Man keep up the good work of faith.We will be rewarded for our faithfulness to the true Son of God!Glory to Him always!Godbless~Charles

  12. Religious nut jobs. The only people that believe are ones that have shitty lives and need some crutch to fall back on. Some turn to drugs, other alcohol and some religion. God is not real, if it was then there would be proof. The only evidence of religion over the centuries is endless war. You are the real demons your bible talks about.

  13. I agree with you Anonymous February 5, 2013 at 12:01 PM.

    They are Religious nut jobs. This is NOT a damn bible class. There is no such concept as belief. (1) YOU are either in DIRECT mind contact with GOD or (2)you are NOT. People who consume a trial bottle of RnA Drops DON'T believe - they KNOW that GOD exists. GODS EXISTENCE AND THE HEAVENLY AFTERLIFE is REVEALED to them AS a 100% SOLID FACT.
    Heaven will soon come down to Earth. YOU and EVERYONE on Earth will become the ONE GOD!

    1. Many Christians have had direct experiences of the Lord without this product. If God requires a product to experience Him, sounds suspicious. I'm interested in the health benefits, but am wary of the occult source. Perhaps the purpose of the health benefits is to draw people into believing iON's "revelations" which are a deception in contradiction to Judeo-Christian revelation.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. There were 3 Jesuses and you're following the weakest one, Michaela.

      Get thee to the Drops.

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  14. This might quite possibly be the stupidest, most obvious, christianized snake oil sales pitch I've ever sat through. I feel like an idiot for sitting through this.

    1. Wrong... and you ARE an idiot, Anonymous!!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  15. So much talk, and yet all I can find is sales-pitch talk, and people who are dubious about these drops.

    1. Wrong... and you ARE NOT looking hard enough, Anonymous!!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who discovered iON"

  16. It seems to me that "iON" is based on a multitude of "TV Tropes", The more you listen to the speaking of him, it is apparent that whoever iON really is, is over infatuated with television, art, theater, history, religion, enigmas, etc. Essentially the "iON" is equally just as confused as we all are. Because "iON" doesn't understand everything, and yet that doesn't seem to stop him from allowing people to discover and interact with him. Because of this I think, (current perspective), that "iON" is just a being that feels like there has to be something said, there has to be an interaction, and is very clever at being indirect, multi-direction, loud, and mute, all at the same time. This causes a bunch of trope situations, that the average person cannot definitively accept or deny what he says.

    The people that make RnA drops, are simply making a product and a "spokesperson or mascot". However 'it' isn't just some eye candy mascot. 'It' is a very intelligent intellect that can make simple-minded people, religious people, scholars, and most any other type for that matter engaged. Under the simple fact that "I am, We are, it is" Is the closest thing we can get to at this point to connect ourselves to each other. "iON" is very well crafted. RnA drops are lucky to be attached to it.

    But make no mistake... YOU DON'T NEED RnA DROPS or iON to be and to know. My phrasing may be off at what I'm trying to convey, I'm not good a condensing abstract observance. Just be careful and love. Everything works out. :)

    1. iON is the Tropes of all 5 Bodies, not just TV.

      Get a clue, Terrence!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who invented iON"

  17. Lets think about eat fast food, or genetically modified food from supermakets, you used man's verions of electricity to watch t.v. or use a computer, or light you house, I could go on & on & on, the point is this: you don't judge the car you drive, the food you eat etc., etc., etc, so this is a food that may or may not effect your Rna or Dna, your cellphone may or may not effect your Rna oe Dna , so, so take your opinions of what the bible is saying & live by bible says I can eat or drink whatever I want.......stop telling everyone what to do need to live your lives as you see fit too...........that is what life is about, otherwise there is no free will...............don't even take this posting as right or wrong.........figure it out for yourself & do whatever it takes to do that!!!!!!!......but don't tell me what to do.....I will do what what I want to, not what someone else tells me what to do or don't do.....

  18. It's a pleasure to listen to the truth! Being happy puts us in alignment with all we have been wanting....and makes the journey such a pleasure! Thank you for really putting it out there :)

  19. Listen.
    This is Kigye.
    No one here is a real Christian.

    The people using Christianity to sell Rna drops are false prophets.
    Are basically that. Con-men.

    RNA drops do work however.
    It has not made me a slave to reptilians or demonic possession.
    It is simply a health product that makes your body feel good.
    helps your own body produce renewed RNA. Through time.

    All the electricity crap.
    Those are the Satanic liberals.

    rna drops is far more than electricity squared.
    Only a small part of all the chemical, physical and non-physical forces that align your body.

    RNA drops is a great product.

    Although the real sad thing is.
    Is called Capitalism.
    Because no rich benefactor sponsored this endeavor Bob and Carolyn Dean depend on a business model through Matthew Hurtado to keep the production and research into new generation of yeast cultures.
    its an expensive process because of the labor and the materials used.
    Has to be given a specific electric current through an iblock.

    Carolyn Dean is the main inventor.

    The product is real. It works.

    Ironically. I trust the fundamentalists here more than the con-artist liberals using fake Christianity to sell the product.

    Their heresy is that we are all God.
    there is a doctrine of being at one with God in Christianity, but these liberals are so narcissistic and egotistic that they want to sell the self-deification to the Me generation.

    The only Christian thing about RNA drops is that it is Shrewbread from the Bible.
    The manna God gave to sustain his people.

    The taking of RNA drops continuously will result in indefinite immortality.

    However, as Jesus said. It not matter what go into the mouth of a man, but what come out of a man.

    These people who take RNA drops will live forever.
    Be it they continue taking it and avoid lethal injury etc.

    It does nothing for the spirit however.
    Many of these people have the same morality they had before they took the rna drops.

    Hurtado still believes in abject capitalism.
    He thinks poor people deserve to die to make way for his "Kingdom"

    The real sin here is not.
    Who took the shrewbread and who did not.

    It is.
    Who gave the shrewbread and who did not.

    God sees all.

    The real God doesn't like homosexuals, promiscuous women and greedy capitalists like Hurtado.

    God will spare Carolyn Dean.

    God will not spare the ionettes and their electric Satan.

  20. Never pay for access to God & is already inside you, just remember who you are. All these money making schemes are just that. If it is real, it is free. This product is just making a few people very wealthy.

  21. I am amazed to how so many people attach a mystical hue to a human 'culinary' preparation.
    There is nothing mystical about RnAdrops, other than the price and desperate people who are searching for
    the miracle 'cure' and shrewed group of people eager to make a bundle dressed in humanitarian cloths .
    Carolyn Dean and companion Bob "rushed" to patent (US2012/0070898 A1 by C.Dean and J. W. Edwards(iON))
    a recipe that was obtain from someone that developed the 'D-Cell' for 40yrs. The 'modernized' version
    of 'D-Cell' renamed 'i-Cell' was achieved by C.D with a big help from JWE(iON). Saying that C.D is
    'the main inventor' is not really true. The info stipulated in the patent can be replicated on any kitchen
    counter. They even say that they 'replicated' the recipe from the Bible(sales pitch to suggest 'mystic
    properties of the final product - patent paragraph 0008 "shew bread")

    The components described in the patent are: Barley seeds, Red Top Colver seeds, Grains of Paradise,
    Alfalfa, Brewer yeast and Clay. There are 4 steps in this recipe: Sprouting, Incubating, i-Cell and i-Block.

    It is sad to see the level of greed that our society managed to reach. If they were really humanitarians
    they would have placed the recipe in 'public domain', thus giving the chance to those desperate and financially
    challenged to try their luck in making the product themselves - assuming that the product is what they let
    to believe.

    1. Call into my weekly Internet radio show and try to get away with your boosheeit, Anonymous:

      602-666-6027, every Sat. night, 8pm EST to Sunday afternoon, 2pm EST - the longest radio show ever!!

      Bob Neveritt, "the man who invented iON"

  22. The bible includes predictions of the future....I don't recall any words about "iOn" , but I know who " I Am" is!