June 5, 2010

Ashayana Deane | Project Camelot Interview, Parts 1, 2, 3

Source: KERRY CASSIDY projectcamelotproductions.com

May 2010—I went to Florida to interview A’shayana Deane, author of  Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees Volume 1, 2nd edition &  Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses. This information is highly complex and detailed. She and two other “speakers” as they call themselves are receiving this information via telepathic downloads. They have been trained by the Guardian Alliances, a group of ETs who protect the secrets of ascension and the stargates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

Keylonta is the science of “light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter”. The many images on the video of charts and “maps” depict these concepts in a visual manner aimed at stimulating memory and re-awkening the DNA pathways in the viewer. I am attaching the .pdf files for download to assist those who are interested in following along more closely while watching the video. ~Kerry Cassidy


  1. Anonymous said...Kerry, Please investigate Ashayana Deane's involvement with Montauk a little more. Her information is incredibly complex and very confusing. She may have been a victim of mind control or other Montauk projects. Its vital because you, Kerry, are a valuable source of enlightening information... But this is very questionable stuff. Please question her enough to find out exactly what her involvement with Montauk was and... What exactly was her priestly training about? Who trained her? Who are the other Eieyani Priests? or Spokes persons? Can we hear from any of them? Are there any other graduates from this training she took?

    THIS from Stewart Swerdlow's site:

    Expansions.com: ..hoped to attend a workshop in FL by Ann Hayes. was never able to find the location! ... "what’s the deal". Can you tell me what you know about Ms. Hayes and the Azurite temple?
    Stewart Swerdlow: Thank the Lord you were not able to find the location. Why would you want to go for a mind-control session? ..I met her ..I know what she is. read my website - use the search engine- get more info. count your lucky stars you were not contaminated/ brainwashed

    AND from: Biographical Encyclopedia of People in Ufology and Scientific Extraterrestrial Research, A Book by: Maximillien de Lafayette

    "ASHAYANA DEANE (Anna Hayes) Her filtering is very high for several reasons, including that she is not comfortable with her channeling contacts, some of whom are negative, and that she was subjected to mind control debriefing as part of the Montauk project. She injects a lot of drama into what she channels."

    Kerry, something is wrong here... her nervous laughter is disturbing...

    1. Its a CULT, people.

    2. anything wrote b4 2002 ie voyagers vol 1 & 2....are true and accurate.
      anything after that has been corrupted...
      its important that people realise this.

    3. A person who sees goodness in their enemy and forgives knowing the person's wrong act is not the summary of their parts is more enlightened than one who reads books of high knowledge and yet who frowns when they are interrupted at their reading, or who sneers when asked to wash dishes or sweep the floor, or one who in their mind comforts themself with thoughts that they are in a fashion higher than those who do not read the books of knowledge. In every moment all of the humans high and lofty knowledge comes into true play, and the truth of its worth in the individual's practise is revealed; and even in those matters, the truth of its worth in the individual's practise is not revealed until they try and fail, yet try again so that the accumulation of their trying becomes greater than that of their failing.

      Information is not an illumination of the spiritual self purely for its reading, nor even in its intellectual understanding. Every opportunity to great spiritual epiphany and self-realisation is to be found in your immediate environment, your circumstance and your ability to love; and all training in wisdoms are contained in the simplest of practical acts, gestures and intentions. Out of body experiences, astral travelling, states of higher consciousness along with all acts which harness the elements in order to create effects of a non-physical nature, not one of those things is a great spiritual work; they are simply an inherent feature of being primarily Spirit taking physical form, and having all those devices available whether they be in one's awareness or not. Wisdom activates not the mind, but the mind of the heart. It requires not a single awareness of magical or galactic practices, properties or knowledge. A true spiritually activated heart requires no galactic consciousness beyond that of his or her own selflessness and service to the others.

      Those who see separation between theirself and their brothers or sisters through nothing more than a difference in belief or opinion are challenged, but not enlightened. Those who established separation between theirself and another human for the mere difference in personality are challenged, but not enlightened. The closer one comes to highest divine state possible for the human experience, the more they understand the simplest matters through which they are connected to all beings, the more they understand those who make choices in their darkness, the more they see the essence of Spirit in the vilest brute, the more readily they will embrace their abuser knowing their abuser is merely the inversion of himself, the more they will see even children as a fully formed adult in training and will honour and respect the child rather than ridicule or make play at the child's expense. All wisdom is to be found in your exact circumstance. Every karmic challenge you have created for yourself is waiting to be healed and released in your exact circumstance, embodied in the manner through which you approach your brothers and sisters.

      True spiritual understanding needs nothing more complex than for one to ask with sincere intent and desire: 'what have I to learn from the environment into which I have chosen to be born?'; the environment where all that you pre-agreed to learn is offered to you for the learning in a form you did not choose.

      You set your Spiritual Contract before you came here, and you will review it when you return there.

    4. Totally agree - well said!

  2. Valid concerns in that comment. As much as I have come to appreciate A'shayana's information, there has always been a drama in it, as well as a sanity. This hasn't taken away from Deane's integrity much or at all, but it's IMPORTANT to note.

  3. Where precisely does each 'spiritual path' lead and ,What will the experiential road between here and Source look like? These are questions worth asking, for therein lies the core reason for discernment in choosing a life path, the answers to these questions is primarily what this interview has been seeking to provide, from a very unique Context and Perspective.

    In my understanding, The Guardians through Ashayans have provided us with the original Blueprint and Template for all creation,a simple geometrical diagram which is Mathematically and Geometrically precise and embodies the Code for eternal life creation and provide easily recognizable land marks of consciousness,all subsequent information she has provided over the last ten years can,and indeed has to be,understood in terms of the Kathara Grid template,which Mathematically and Geometrically embodies every plane of existence that we know of and many more even our top most scientists have no clue exists,hense all the diagrams,comparing the Kryst Code with the Devinchi Code,Kabala Tree of Life,Golden Mean and Fibanoche would lead to some very interesting revelations and immediately silence the most vocal critics out there,may also be a good place to start.

    I wonder if now would be a ideal time to invite the most prominent new age leaders ,for the discussion Ashayana referred to in the beginning of part 1 of the interview,i am sure the most prominent religious and scientific leaders could also comfortably be accommodated,with the aim of answering these most important questions,so that the public could have a clear understanding,I am sure Kelly could easily arrange this and under the circumstances it would seem to be the next logical step, they could all meet on the common ground of Consciousness, assuming there could be agreement as to what exactly consciousness is.
    In terms of the Guardians Info presented by Ashayana ,Consciousness is energy and all energy is conscious and energy can never be destroyed it only changes form,so when we look at the whole discussion in energetic terms there is no room for all the mud sling and un warranted personal attacks as see on YouTube,after all we are all conscious to some degree or other,and even if she has been brain washed and all the numbers add up,it would seem to be quite a successful outcome.

    Eventually ALL paths return to Source At the end of our path and along the way we all expect to find happiness, which can also be categorized in energetic terms, when we raise our consciousness we become happy, lower it and we are unhappy, so really it would seem to me the most essential requirement in any discussion of this sort is to find the common ground, consciousness is the universal common ground for all life forms, it seems to me, any thumbs up on this?
    Gita Adams

  4. Kerry, Ashayana Deane sounds very impressive which makes it all the more dangerous if what
    Drunvalo Melchizedek who initiated these teachings says is true. You will find an excerpt of his opinion with a link below!

    To show you how people can influence other people who do not know the truth, look at Anna Hayes. She wrote a book called Voyagers under an assumed name of Ashayana Deane. In this book she claims that she is receiving this information from "The Guardian Alliance", which, according to Anna is "an immense group of beings residing within a myriad of dimensional locations within the Space/Time Matrix". Anna says that they are experts of "Merkaba Mechanics", and she says that this source is saying that the Mer-Ka-Ba field that I am teaching is wrong and has a reversed field. (A reversed field is one of the most serious misunderstanding that can even result in death of the body and a confused spiritual path for sometime afterwards) Let's look at an actual quote from her book:

    "The "fixed" tailbone Merkaba Field is the mark of the Nibiruian Merkaba-Reversal that keeps the physical body literally locked into its present time vector and unable to achiever Star Gate passage - another of several other "little secrets that Thoth and his friends conveniently forgot to mention to their human "students"."

    cont., below

  5. "Most of the humans who have fallen into using or teaching the Nibiruian Reverse-Merkaba have been covertly "set up" by the Thoth-Enki-Zephelium or Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedek Anunnaki races to propagate this Base-11Reverse Merkaba perversion. Most, but not all, human teacher of Merkaba do not realize that they have been deceived in this way, and are not intentionally bringing harm to their students; the teachers themselves are being victimized and deceived by Fallen Angelic contacts."

    Further Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) says, "Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Anunnaki collectives, you will not realize that you inadvertently created External Reverse-Merkaba field is being actively used to amplify the 34-Top-Magnetic Counter-clockwise, 21-Bottom-Electrical-Clockwise and BASE-11-acceleration Nibiruian reverse-Merkaba spin ratio is in Earth's grids."

    This last statement by Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) proves that the source of her information is misinformed (at the least).
    In the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II, page 356, under the heading. "Spinning the tetrahedrons, top and bottom only." I say, "This is one of the biggest mistakes people make." The Melchizedek tradition does not teach, nor has it ever, that we spin the top tetrahedron one-way and the bottom one the other way. Anyone who has studied this work carefully knows this is not true. This is wrong, and I clearly say so. Further the set of tetrahedrons that spin counter-clockwise 34 is electrical (not magnetic) and the set of tetrahedrons that spin clockwise 21 is magnetic (not electrical).

    Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) is not only trying to reverse the Mer-Ka-Ba field, which is the most dangerous thing a meditator can do, but she is trying to reverse the archetypes in the entire universe, which goes against every religion that has ever existed since these things were understood. The "Fallen Angelic contacts" that she references in five paragraphs above is not Archangel Lucifer and his band, which most people would assume, but in her statements it is Archangel Michael. A quote from her book that references Archangel Michael, "More aptly described and historically known as "Arch-Demon Michael". She sees Archangel Michael as evil and the source of darkness. She even sees Jesus as evil. Yet, people are blindly following her. What she does offer humanity is the gift of discernment.

    I have remained silent for a long time watching and listening to this chaos and confusion that many "teachers" are transmitting to the world. Now you have to make the choice. It is your decision. Go into your heart and listen. Your heart knows the truth. Keep it simple.


  6. It did! It allowed me to post the url above that was not in my message! What a message!
    Now I see I have a double post so you will have to delete one of them. I don't know what's going on here as it appears to have posted the remainder of my message whilst simultaneously redirecting me to another page with this message twice now.
    The requested URL /2010/05/ashayana-deane-project-camelot.html... is too large to process. Indicating I didn't post.

    I also had to paste my message in two segments because I was supposedly over the characters yet according to my word document I had sixty five characters under the requirement.

    Any way back to the subject. As James says, 2012 is a single page in the “book” called the Era of Transparency and Expansion. The life of deception – the era of veils over veils over veils – is dissipating, provided enough people rise up within themselves and honor the Sovereign Integral within by expressing its truth. But to do this, people must become attuned to its consciousness apart from the HMS, and this is the course of action that people must engage in. He gave a simple exercise for us to do this that cuts through all the complexities of MEST or matter, energy, space and time.

    May the Blessings Be!

  7. "
    Further Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) says, "Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Anunnaki collectives, you will not realize that you inadvertently created External Reverse-Merkaba field is being actively used to amplify the 34-Top-Magnetic Counter-clockwise, 21-Bottom-Electrical-Clockwise and BASE-11-acceleration Nibiruian reverse-Merkaba spin ratio is in Earth's grids.""

    Sounds more like very complex and strange / boring science fiction than anything related to conscioussness, love and hearth-centerdedness as it were.. and it does not make any sense at all to me why this should be so got damn seemingly complex and hogwashy, really, look at all the words and all the blah blah blah that goes on here.. why, what is it about really ? dont't get me wrong, i love to study sacred geometry, cymatics, crop circles and i do enjoy these subjects, but taking it to this level seems so very very silly to me... why bother ?

    well, i bless her for her work and for what she seems to be trying to do, i just watched her interview with kerry on camelot and this is the first i hear from her.

    Ordinarily I do not enjoy spirituality and new age stuff when it goes to this very useleessly complex level, i am biased towards good old traditional zen buddism in this regard :) but I am curious as to what anybody gets out of studying this material, and what possibilites there are in it.

    may you all be blessed with love, light and peace.

  8. For years I have been content with reading inspirational but not very educational or informative channelling material from different sources now widely available on Internet. It was positive and uplifting, it strengthened my faith in humanity and in all that is good, it made me feel safe. And though it was pleasing to the ear, comforting for my heart, nourishing to my ego and not too challenging for my brain that wasn’t enough. I wanted to grow, I wanted to learn. Nobody gave any reasonable explanation of what ascension is, what the purpose of evolution is, what universe is, what a dimension is, etc. Almost all the sources I read used words “density” and “dimension” interchangeably. A lot of sources would avoid answering questions on the grounds that the answer would violate our free will. A lot of them would say that the workings of the universe were too complex for our present state of understanding. For a while it didn’t bother me, but then I got tired of wishy-washy information, which different channellers cannot even agree on, information without any explanation of the basic principles of the energy mechanics or terms that they use. Ashayana Deane was a breath of fresh air. She gave me clarity and a desire to learn more. I don’t know what her teachings might lead too, they make enormous sense to me right now but I keep an open mind. I cannot verify her teachings right now but at least I can assimilate them. To be able to make a decision, I want knowledge to base my decision on. I have learned that all too often I personally confuse the voice of my heart with the voice of my ego. I recognise that sweet feeling of being safe, being loved, being comfortable. I know that that is what any person ultimately desires but that doesn’t mean that the truth lies only within that side of the spectrum. Yes, sometimes her information is a little scary and not for faint-hearted. But look around you, what do you see? You cannot just remain open to one side of the world and blind to the other. That’s the world you happen to be living in and it’s not perfect. So if you only go for the info that makes you feel safe, that’s one sided approach. You have to learn to accept negative as well and not be shocked by it anymore because that’s the other side of life. Yes, her information is a bit technical and complex sometimes. I am studying it with a pen and paper right now because I am not too bright but I still want to learn. I have this urge to know and no amount of fear of reality is going to take that away from me.

  9. Ascension Mechanics-I watched the Cassidy videos. There is a huge mix up somewhere in Deane's work certainly a lot of the terminology and concepts are not original and are taken from Blavatsky and the later Theosophical writers-at the same time there could be some gems here if we can get over the misappropriation of Theorophy type concept words-the material partly ties in with Alex Collier's revelations and may in, my opinion, hit on some uncomfortable truths. Has anyone studied her diagrams meditated and benfitted from the material? Disinfo. compromised good stuff, or just apeing Theosophy?

  10. These techniques work. Many are available for free. On Azurite Press. Those words are for the relationship between the knowledge already available on Earth. The drama is not necessary. But still exists. All dramas.

    1. Hallelujah!! At least one person has something both intelligent and true to say. Those who have not actually tried the techniques of Keylontic can't possibly know what they are talking about.

  11. All of these techniques cause very particular tangible sensations and very reproducible unlocking of multidimensional abilities. The best exercise I know from there for just that specifically is the mentor sphere. There are others, but most are bio-regenesis and grid work techniques. There are literally hundreds of techniques available from them in total. If it doesn't resonate, send it on its way, which would be the most cristed thing to do perhaps. The mentor sphere activates a ball of 3-5 D awareness at least (but eyes must be closed for better inner vision of course) that can produce even astral awareness and remote viewing without the

  12. Without the need for projection, although doesn't replace astral projection. The techniques for astral projection are available from them as well.

  13. Very interesting comments on this site. The informarion that Asgayana gives is very direct, honezt and compelling. For those of us not caught in the matrix of the New Age Movement and the mind control programs it brings us the gift of our ancient heritage. What it is that Stewart and others are suspicious of is hard to understand. No other information on earth gives a more convincing and complete account of our mass amnesia. Only YOU can ascertain the truth for yourself so ask yourself ( and your higher selves for guidance. Thank You Ashayana!

  14. I watched David Icke interviewed by Camelot Project and some youtube clips of a seminar in Australia. Although, He radically shortcuts his way to explain this world of control, i sort of feel his point making and dot connecting.
    On ASHAYANA DEANE speech, I feel not connected at all. If she was chosen by "superior alliances" to spread tremendous knowledge, she was the worst picked no doubt about it. She laughs when i needed to understand and she gave no shortcuts for a common mind. I believe, knowledge it is always simple; complexity equals confusion. Great drawings though, very captivating in complexity in a Mandala form.

  15. There is so much info out here channeling not channeling bad light bodies good light bodies- the only way of really knowing, I hope, is to listen and meditate with the heart. Everyone has a path;all I know is that when I listened to Ms. Deans' stuff it scared the hell out of me-
    So what merkba spin is right? I will meditate with the trees and ask them, they seem to be the only bodies that answer me in a straight forward manner.
    I do have to add though that the information is so complex and the graphs so intricate that there is a ring of truth here that does make me want to hear more.
    The trees however say get rid of your fear and your negativity, clean your closet and find your heart connections. Listen to your angels and spirit guides and stop allowing other peoples energies to interrupt your path. Too simplistic?

    I did ask the trees and I did change my merkaba field spin though and yes it feels very different. Much wider and open
    but less grounded-???
    I have often thought though that this planet is hell and everything we know is wrong so perhaps there is both good and bad info here which leads me back to listening and feeling my way with my heart connection and love.

  16. I don't feel she's serious herself about what she's saying. When she says something that's supposed to be really deep, she giggles, as if she's telling a joke, or LYING!!! The joke's on us if we believe her. Actually, the more I listened to her, the more I felt that she was making stuff up. It sounds desperate, overly complex. Would she do this to make a living? Perhaps the economy is worse than we thought...

  17. I rate all of you need a good cap of acid followed by a phat hit of DMT!

    Peace and love baby!

  18. There is a LOT of bullshit on the comments section.

    First of all I'm neither a supproter of A. Deane or Drunvalo. But BOTH are idiots! At least in their arguments, and Drunvalo is QUITE CHILDISH in his remarks.

    First of all A.Deane was referring to "Arch-Demon Michael" when referring to the CHANNELING which constantly use his name. Second of all NEVER did A. Deane say Jesus was evil! This is a clear, manipulative and misconstrued form of language to actively target someone. She talks that religion as we know today has been MANIPULATED and hidden the truths! Any half way spiritual or intelligent person will know this WITHIN THEMSELVES to be true.

    Now, onto the Merkaba. Drunvalos merkaba is not evil. Drunvalo's merkaba unfortunately is part of an agenda which is to keep the human potential/merkaba locked within this specific density or time-frame. Yes it changes, and yes it increases frequency and moves through higher realms, but within a certain "confine" (or net). Whereareas Ashayana describes that it is the mark of the "phase-lock" which is essentially true. So it's not evil, it's just a different "spiritual agenda." Where areas the Guardian information is about giving people the information to "break the phase lock" or vibrational "fences" which hold our DNA mutation and spiritual perception at a lower level. In this case, it's about preference!

    Are you for the side that wants to only slight enlighten people enough to raise their frequency to a new level but not enough to break the "matrix." ? Or are you for giving humanity the information and ability to transcend the entire thing and have the choice for themselves?

    Maybe, we should just stay away from Merkaba work overall because of this nonsense! I Will say that A Deane's work has enemies (the ones who transmitted the info has enemies), and clearly Drunvalos "angels" do too. First of all, never trust a man who says he has "angels" guiding him! And then results to childish comments like he does in his "open letter."

    What SHOULD be happening, is that both of you should put your "ANGELS" on hold, and WORK TOGETHER to see how it all FITS TOGETHER.

    Also, A deane is essentially saying that YES our religions and traditions on the planet have been inverted and skewed purposefully to keep humanity blind and ignorant! That is not wrong Drunvalo, in fact you know it is the truth. The world today is partially a result of that!

    Open your eyes people, discernment, learn for yourself, follow no one. The truth is right in front of you.


  19. In Voyagers2 A Deane states that 9/11 was the work of Bin Laden provoked by the Fallen Angelics....sounds rediculous now that we know it was an inside job.

    Has it been definately proven that she acted dishonestly with former members in Florida? Have any of them come forward?

  20. I thought this was the most negative information I ever saw on the Internet! A. Deane says only a few will ascend? She put down meditation and grid work with a smirk. Everything negatively said was added with a giggle from her. How in the world did she ever channel those intricate diagrams and all of that complex information? Is she more of a "genius" than Einstein was? Her performance did not have good energy as other teachers like Lisa Renee or David Wilcock or David Icke or Stewart Swerdlow do. YES! Truth is in our hearts. She did teach many of us that!

  21. she didn't say Osama did it. She said the whole drama was inspired by those angelics. Which isn't honestly all that surprising considering 9/11 was much more than a massacre, but a mega-ritual occult sacrifice

    And don't hate the messenger folks. Obviously she's not perfect. And Lisa Renee learns 99% of her shit from Ashayana's work, but I love Lisa's work because she puts things into terms others can understand, and its less full of drama and conflict.

    And you say Stewart Swerlow has good energy!? David Icke!? David Wilcock!? Someone needs to know there is more to spiritualtiy than "light and love." And according to SS, all the people you listed are products of Illuminati satellite beams. None have the TRUTH...its a piece inside everyone.

    And she channeled the diagrams because of her experiences, they are electronic streaming not channeling. I have had it happen to me so I know its real.

  22. The comments concerning Ashayana possible involvement with mind control/momtauk are quite ridiculous if one actuallt takes the time to absorb and rationally process the information in the interview. She is talking in a matter of fact tone about the mechanics of ascension. She is lucid, informative, and good humored. Let the facts speak for themselves, and if you have fears around this information you would be well advised to ask where that fear comes from...

  23. Ashayana Deane is fear based, she promotes division and fear clear as day. Her former name was Anna Hayes but she changed it to a more exotic attractive name after she defrauded a quarter million from her previous followers.

    The moment when she says "Only my technique will work....the poor others wont ascend even tho they think they will(then she laughs at them after)", that's the moment when you should decide this woman is at best a fraud or at worse a malignant disinfo agent.

    She mixes half truths with her convoluted jargon to scare you into her workshops and overpriced books. There are more red flags with Ashayana Anna Hayes than there are with new age fraud king Sheldon Nidle!

  24. http://vimeo.com/15939340

    Must hear ....

  25. Hello all!

    I find some of the comments here humurous.

    I understand the keylontic information, both in complexity and its simplicity perfectly. I understand some might not want to believe this because they think it might have something to do with us being perhaps more adept? Or that we are some cult followers?

    I have never been to a KS workshop, and I have never invested in thousands of dollars worth of them. But I understand the material perfectly, and the things that have been given to me by a friend make PERFECT sense to me.


    Because some of it must be real, some of it must at least be viable.

    If you guys have heard of Lisa Renee, she gives the same kind of information that Ash does, only more socially acceptable and easier to understand.

    What Ash is doing is enormous, the view of the GA might not be perfect, and biased against certain systems- but that is because their view is both cosmic and alien. It does not vibe with our idea of what this and that is, and yet at the same time it does.

    The basic principles of KS, is that it dictates that we are inverted in nature, and thus our teaching systems and even our energetic components are inverted to create a sort of materialistic obsession. The configuration of all the different parts of our spiritual and energetic reality is a manipulation of sorts by higher beings. While the GA call them "enemies" this and that, in reality by most commoners terms they are actually part of an "angelic" hierarchy (fallen they may be) which administers, and governs our way of life here.

    So STOP falling into the pitfalls of victimization and duality. This includes anyone who studies KS or any other occult system. STOP going oh this is bad, oh this is good, the Fall Angels did this, the Krystics did this.

    IT DOES NOT MATTER. This was ALL allowed by the God-Source consciousness, and IS the God-Source consciousness itself manifesting the events! Therefore, use the information that EMPOWERS YOU, merge them with other spiritual teachings, find the middle ground.

    This dispensation is for HUMANITY to reclaim their heritage, NOT to believe what Ash's or GA's opinions on the subject are. It is to TAKE and reclaim our own personal knowledge and akashic database, or own inner abilities.

    Was Ash at Montauk? PROBABLY. SHE DOES NOT DENY SHE HAS BEEN TAKEN BY INTERIOR GOVERNMENT. Neither does she deny she has been adbucted by negative ET's! In Angelic Realities ALONE she gives an example of thousands of children being rounded up into a joint ET-government project, which involved genetics, mind control and various other things. This COULD be Montauk! She mentions this OPENLY

    So why do you dumbasses keep bringing it up as if she's been compromised or is some mind controlled disinfo artist?


    1. Totally agree! Loose the fear people - explore & experiment! It's all about learning through mistakes and expanding, it's that simple.....enjoy the ride!!!

  26. Anna Hayes as she used to be known, (now going by Ashayana Deane) has a typical cultic persona and ideology dealing with ET - channeling and is typical of many UFO Contactee cults. It is really a cookie cutter messiah ‘Melchizedek'[1] molded type of ideology that is currently affecting the UFO and New Age communities. I would estimate that about 70% of UFO cults in existence have the Melchizedek ideology firmly implanted within the groups belief systems. Often such groups will blend various religious and Orthodox viewpoints and other principles that are out there. The name change is typical of the egotistic cultic persona. They some how become more important in their minds – especially if the channeled information indicates they should.

    I sincerely believe that entities that work through the more benign groups are real but not as demon-like (so far) as Applewhite, of the infamous Heaven's Gate, Jones or Koresh’s apocalyptic ideologies. I do think they are indeed ET and much fiercer than demons because they have free will as demonic’s can be ousted. I have researched both demonology and alien abduction, ET contact experiences for the better part of 30 years. Many similarities between the entities but there are vast differences too. I also think the entity interaction deals with real alien beings - but not those of love and light but with a nefarious agenda to eventually take over the host - or the human they are interacting with. messages as well as messengers after a period of time will turn apocalyptic - for instance it took about five years for the messages to creep into channeling sessions in the group I was involved with.

    ET Contactee cults are all about ego, ego seduction as well as power and greedily making large sums of money. This is done by unscrupulously duping a section of the populace genuinely searching for spirituality outside of traditional routes. Anna isn’t any different than any other cult leader who is scamming the population. She also financially ripped off supporters in Sarasota, FL where she had her Azurite temple back in 2002 when several followers became suspicious, because many things she 'channeled' didn't come to pass according to these former cult members.

    She moved to England –with few cult members knowing it and dissolved the identity of Anna Hayes and now spends time between the USA and England giving lectures and selling her products and ideology for a hefty price. Her 'Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order' is nothing more than a front to gain money and a following to make more money. Current ex-believers, (a few who’ve contacted me) don't even know about the name Anna Hayes or the troubles in Sarasota, FL.

  27. New and very interesting material. But couple things don't sit right. Ashayana reminds me of people I've known who have had a long term meth problem. The way she expresses her thoughts. Second if her mission is to teach and educate, then why is she holding back material cause of people taking her seminar that weekend. Is it about attention and money, or is about getting all the material out. This medium is worth a 1000 seminars for getting the word out. And if she has been doing this for 10 years, why doesn't she have professional documents that viewers can actually read rather than 8X10 mostly black and white charts that she can't even read the detail from.

    If she is helping the Guardians in the struggle against the FAs as she terms them, then why is she giving out times and dates and counter actions that are planned against them. She doesn't need to do that to educate us or get us to believe her, and couldn't this information be used against the Guardians?

    I agree with another post here, if the Guardians are for real, they picked about the worst spokes person possibly imaginable. She is very hard to follow, talks to fast, and seems to want to impress people with the detail of her information verses trying relate the information to her audience in way they can relate, use and act on it in a useful way.

    I'm not sure what to make of how she goes at length explaining the 2012 "extermination plan" all frightful and full of drama, when according to her, the Guardians have fully thwarted that event from happening. Be present and drop the drama!

    Would also like to hear from another person from her group that is getting information from the same source via the same vehicle. Then maybe we could take her annoying mannerisms out of the equation. Would also love to have her chart information on a website so I could meditate and try to discern the material independently of her.

  28. Im having an awful hard time finding the transcript to this interview. Do you mean to tell me its only included with the DVD package on her site? I can't find a link for a pdf to purchase anywhere.

    I get skeptical when one provides such complex information for over three hours and can't provide the transcript for free. Especially when listening to this interview. She goes very fast and deals with a lot of detail. She seems to have quite a catalog of material to sell on the site, so I don't understand the need to take down the transcript from the Camelot site to be sold on hers, yet no where to be found. Come on Ashayana...! I'm trying to get what you are talking about!

  29. I agree with what the June 18 poster said before me. So to READ the Camelot interview, I have to pay $71 ???!!

  30. Guys.. don't listen to what Otto Jakobson is saying, I know this kid from Youtube, he is DEEEEEEEEEEEPLY brainwashed by the same brainwashing that Deane was subjected to at Montauk.

    This is the nature of the brainwashing these new age false prophets have gone through, it acts like a virus and infects other impressionable minds and gives them a pseudo understanding of higher dimensional reality while at the same time infecting them with poison and lies and focus on drama.

    Not only that but it covers the real meaning of things with abstract complicated phraseology that you must wholely commit yourself to, rendering your natural discernment and intuition completely sullied. Listen to him apologize and excuse her obvious nonsense, he won't hear anything other then what his programming wants him to hear.

    Go to the authentic sources, read Vedic science, read your Bible, read the writings of Lord Buddha. Go somewhere where there is REAL ENLIGHTENMENT. Not to these fake teachers like Deane and schizophrenics like Otto who propagate bullshit and false teachings.

    THIS IS YOUR SOUL at stake, it's no little game, go to the real Masters who you can TRUST!

    1. We are all deeply brainwashed. Otto is on a good path, I feel, and I know him on facebook too. He has in fact changed his song a bit regarding their techniques and recommends that people develop their own imaginative work from their own "heart of hearts" space, and he also has talked in great depth about the distortions running through the K.S material and has told me that doing their techniques is not a good idea due to distortions of the information right from the get-go and also because it stifles the free will of your imagination...Otto has learned quite a bit since his last posts here... My point is he's just a kid, don't call him a schizo, because that is exactly what our "society" has taught us to do...discount anyone who sees more than you...especially if what they're seeing doesn't fit with what you want this illusion to represent and what you want to be true in it... I guess what i mean is, sure, Otto got some work to do, but who are you to think you know a person and have a right to comment on their sanity and ability to discern information based on FACEBOOK!!! This alone shows your ignorance...and telling people to seek in already written texts...yeah, cos we've built the society we prefer based on those texts already! Right...You should read your post above again and slap yourself for writing things that go against how truly brilliant you are an instead present you as an arrogant ignoramus who speaks negatively of others on the path of spiritual development...whether you like or not how that actually looks on Otto, or me, or anyone else.

    2. Agreed Yuriy D. :) Thank you for saying what I was thinking. OR that the post was written by a sock puppet profile of which there are many trying to break up the boards with good discussion on material that has tweaked a nerve of those who want humanity to remain dumbed down.

  31. Ashyana's details are very lucid and dramatic.And,this only makes me feel sick.She sells a ton of stuff on her website for exorbitant prices and YouTube does not contain any of her practical teachings or samples of it. Do not read any religious book,life is so disheartening.I found this guy Dan Winters on youtube,in the beginning he was making sense, but you has like 24 cases of copyright infringement and concentrates on "bliss" and physical fractal architecture.Again I must say religious texts are only partially correct and the new age teachers seem to be making a lot of money by fishing in troubled waters.If they truly want to spread the message, then the work should be free or at minimal nominal costs. I'd be happy if I was ignorant.Ignorance was blissful..

  32. >>Hi RE: Ashayana Deane I was overwhelmed with so much information and I did buy 2 of her books. Mostly to see if they jived with Alex colliers Stories about Andromeda etc.. Fact is your all absolutely RIGHT about Ashayana Deanes material being contradictory.Ascenion and capitalism do not mix. Alex Collier freely shared his information with the public since the 1990s.
    Any decent human with information that is so life changing and important should share it freely for its highest purpose{
    Life changing products should be made PUBLIC
    Dr Bob Beck gives the "blueprint" for his device on Utube for FREE!!IT can inactivate-viruses, bacteria, fungus, even HIV etc.He claimed a ten year could build it for $25.00. >sorry for me this was too much so I purchased one from a guy JV (for his privacy)for just under$100. This was The best purchased I have ever made!!Unfortunately I could not locate him again.
    WARNING; I ordered the same type device,from Unleashhealth.com for a friend but never recieved the merchandise or a refund or email.
    The point being Bob Beck has many lectures on Utube given at Valley College Fla.? It is 13 parts if you want the whole story. All his information is FREE to help YOU!!! Take back your health! We will all need our Health Before we choose door#1 or Door #2. God Bless

  33. After watching the entire series of videos I felt as though the material awakened a curiosity within me that implored me to explore further. I proceeded to visit her website and try out some of the exercises myself. Personally, I experienced both vibrational energy that of which I could not recall consciously previously encountering. I would recommend that skeptics and believers alike try these free exercises for themselves before placing judgement on the person or material.

  34. I felt awakened after watching these videos.

  35. I get bad vibes about that female. Enough said; time will tell.

  36. All I can say is that after reading a few of these posts you get nothing clear but more confusion instead. We'll never learn the truth about anything this way... no wonder we are in so much trouble at every earthly level when the 'chosen ones' repeat our most basic behaviours of intolerance, lack of dialogue and incoherence. It won't matter what the truth is anymore... everyone will be too confused to see any of that and the world that they are trying to unify and awaken will be more divided than ever with one theory per person and the judgement that all others are wrong.

    So far after countless hours of reading and watching I still hold to this principle: everyone seems to talk about a God or a Source. And I know that the God in the bible said that any entities are forbidden by his mandate to interfeer with humans. Those who cross that mandate go against His direct order. Therefore my conclussion is that as much as we all want to be enlightened, the only thing we know is that Evil has reigned the Earth for centuries, that the Devil is the Prince of Air and that the greatest deception will come from the heavens. This all sounds like Aliens and entities are on the wrong side of where I want to be, no matter what their message is. Stick to God, pray for your soul and no matter whether that causes a DNA activation or any other kind of complex crap... what matter is that if you practice tolerance and love for your Creator.. you will be safe. Amen.

    1. Ashayana Deane is the Alex Jones of metaphysics. Not a good thing, beware. I was initially very captivated by her presentation and books but furhter review revealed an unpleasant truth. Her work is a cleverly crafted compilation of information to impress the viewer with a complexity that many would find convincing, mixing truth with lies or disinformation.

      If you review her work you'll notice some symbols have also been replaced with newer versions along the way. Ask why? Especially since this material is supposedly from very ancient teachings. There is also evidence that she has been replaced with a clone or is under heavy mind control, look very, very carefully at her, it's subtle.

    2. I explored her material in depth and realised by third month that Ashayana Deane is a cult leader. My awakening: I know we are consciousness. 'Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one' (Albert Einstein) because there is no matter/solid stuff. The multiverses are made up of entangled fields of information. Reality is virtual. See EMF Spectrum, Quantum Physics - Double Slit Experiment, Epigenetics, Plant Primary Perceptions, Dr Masaru Emoto - Water Crystal, Out Of Body Experiences/Phasing.

      Ascension is not about the physical form, therefore the primary focus is not about DNA upgrade. Ashayana Deane expensive courses on extensive complicated songs, meditation procedures, symbols she claims is necessary for DNA upgrade is a bunch of money making methods. Of course some of her methods work because any meditation which gets you into Theta state of consciousness - right brain dominant will enable you to have OOBE, phasing, remote viewing, precognition.

      Each soul is an aspect of ONE Source. We each have the answers within ourself. Meditate and withdraw the engagement of your senses from this 'perceived' external physical reality and you will experience other realities (usually not so limiting). Pay attention to your lucid dreams and question everything.

      Holographic Universe - It Is All An Illusion

      Current holographic technology is able to produce touchable 3D holograms with holographic surround sound,
      capable of interacting with the environment in real-time.
      What is real?
      What is virtual?
      Is reality virtual, produced from energy and information?

  37. I went on a group tour to Egypt with A. Deane, known as Anna Hayes at the time. It didn't take long to see that something was very wrong with this neurotic woman who constantly ate candy, drank pepsi, smoked, lost her temper over trival matters, and was hooked on shopping. Certainly the men were very attracted to her and she was easily able to manipulate them. I know two who left professional jobs to go work for her for free in Florida. One of them reported that she was so conflicted with contradictory channeled guidance, that she'd break down in tears. She exchanged live in partners often, whenever "told" to do so. She has children she's not allowed to see. I've been told that she changed her name to get rid of her history of being locked up for prostitution and drug use. When Stewart Swerdlow says she was trained at Montauk to be a mind controlled sex slave, believe him, the description fits. Most channeling is from satellite transmission, be very careful, the feeling you get from doing the exercises can also be transmitted that way. The fact that Kerry went to India with A Deane, saw her behavior and still quotes her as a source of information leaves me not trusting what Kerry refers to as Kerry's own so called special abilities or even good judgment or common sense.

    1. I, too, went on a group trip with Anna Hayes. I learned that she brought with her on the trip many friends who didn't have to pay. That's why we paid so much more, to cover their cost. I also learned that many of these friends invested a lot of money in Anna and didn't get anything back.

    2. Wow - so much false information and people speaking as if they know the operational details of any of the work that is brought forth from A'shayana Deane. As a fact there has never been a trip that her friends went on for free causing any group member to pay more. This is an outright lie!! She has never been arrested for prostituion nor has she ever done drugs. Danny, would you share what trip you were on? I have been on everyone of the international trips and never once felt that I was taken advantage of. The work brought forth is amazing! And I agree with the post below - I have never seen her act in any other way than loving and truthful.

  38. I have been attending workshops with Ashayana for many years. The information she presents is cohesive and intelligent. I approached the work with a great deal of skepticism and doubt, because that is what I was trained to do...but came to the conclusion that her information is the best - well nigh impossible to fault.

    This woman makes every effort to AVOID being put on a pedestal. She is one of the most capable beings I've ever come across, yet she is humble and loving, and and no point does she encourage any sort of subservience. She encourages self-sovereignty and discernment. If this is what cults are made of...well it's not, so she is NOT the leader of a cult.

    I'm really sorry that I have to sign this as anonymous. I just don't have any of the accounts required. My name is Lehaia.

  39. I would like to know what Kerry presently thinks of her. I would also like to know if Bill Ryan has commented on her and her information either on Avalon Forum or elsewhere. If you know whether either of them have commented, can you provide a reference to the comment? Thank you. I will continue to discern on my own, but it is always very educational to see the comments from both sides.

  40. It is all a mixed bag, that is what humanity is famous for.
    Personal ability to filter relevant, positive information from all sources and bulk dump the rest; is a part of the training to help us individually achieve ascension; or ignore it and be swept up by a tide. This is why 'cults' are a backdrop to our experiences here.
    Souls are immortal; everything within time & space is transient. This is the only equation we know for certain (and most people you meet are so confused that they don't even recognize that as a truth).

    1. Otto is a good guy. I know him.
      Attacking spiritually developing people is the act of a negative entity.

  41. What the....theres no way you can learn all this...is she a crazy genius? her brains on steriods or something. "So Merkaba Mutli-Dinexular Crom Radioactive Type-3 Melchizeck Conciousness Androids Stargate 36 unified 12th Degree sector D-6 of the orion GA Unified CDT-Plate Information Transaction has just delivered its 12,367,984 batch of Multi-Dehexular Sasharuma Sakaranitsa Old and Ancient prophecies for human use!" Its like, oh my god my heads gonna explode in a psychotic episode of a mental overload!'blkghfp?knj/?fgp?/fgopkn AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! BOOOOOOOM!

  42. I get a very bad feeling from this woman. I find it interesting that there are so many people feeling duped and ripped off and only a small number defending her. Also if you break down what shes saying sheis trying to reverse Everything, Jesus is actually evil, archangel Michael evil, how can living from your heart possibly be bad? Lots of FEAR in this material. I think she is working with the darker forces to divide the spiritual community,make money and mess with people's vibrations massively. The vibe I get from her is vampiric. Be careful people. Much love and LIGHT

  43. Everything indicates she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look it up.
    The Montauk stuff? All BS. I've lived there 40 years. It's a very small town, everyone knows everyone else there, especially in winter when the hotels close down. As kids we investigated everything, hiked every trail, poked around all the WW2 military leftovers. There was never anything strange going on in Montauk other than crazy- bored people in winter.

  44. If you want to compare the two of ashayana deane and drunvalo you have to look at the geometry.

    You can go into the mechanics or details but its simpler to look at the geometry, because most dont know enough about the mechanics to make a good evaluation of who is right.

    Drunvalo uses the fibonacci spiral merkaba. Fibonacci sequence uses 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8..... It uses the last 2 numbers to propagate and never connects back to zero or source.

    Ashayana Deane uses the Krist spiral merkaba. Kryst sequence is 0, 1,1,2,4,8...... It uses all the numbers and connects back to source every time.

    What this means is Drunvalo is using fibonacci spiral which reflects the current situation after the fall. Where as Ashayana deane uses the number sequence of kryst spiral which is how it was suppose to be before the fall of man.

    If you compare the Kathara grid which has 12 nodes, to drunvalos tree of life grid 10 nodes, you notice 2 nodes missing. You may ask why. Well humans in their dna once fully activated are suppose to be able to hold 12 dimensional frequencies. 10 nodes means 2 dimensions are missing. And the fallen had 12 nodes as well but they destroyed 2 to cut themselves off from source or the creator.

    You may wonder what this means, well the fallen, and the annunaki are cut off from source, and they corrupted the knowledge as well to show 10 nodes in the tree of life. This means they dont have access to the free energy coming down from the creator. So they need humans to leach energy off of. Its why they say fibonacci vampires energy or life force off to propagate itself. Its also why the fallen races or the annunaki including thoth and his cohorts are trying to get control of the portals so they can destroy the 12th dimensional portal. This gives them control of the dimensions they are in, and they are able to freely leach off the source energy from the life forms within those dimensions. So based on this, look at the simple geometry of the kathara grid and drunvalos tree of life he uses, as well as look at the fibonacci spiral, and the kryst spiral, and make a decision which is the right merkaba to use for you.