March 13, 2010

Mary Joyce | Huge North Carolina Underground Alien/Military Base

Source: MILES JOHNSTON undergroundvideouk,

February 2010—International UFO Congress—Mary Joyce discusses the alledged Deep Underground Base at PARI—a major 30 mile wide Alien and Military base in North Carolina. All sorts of Sky Ships are being seen over the mountains of Western North Carolina—blue, white, and gold ones with some pulsing rainbow colors. With so much cosmic activity, Mary Joyce and Evelyn Gordon were inspired to launch the Sky Ships over Cashiers website which reports on the base.

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  1. Mary has mentioned concerning the matter where certain files relating to UFO activity/images and such that is stored in her PC had been deleted, taken out of her PC by someone sneaking into her PC and taking it out. Well that has just happened to me this past week on 5 images/videos where I found UFOs flying the friendly skies in certain frames in certain movies! On two occasions where one was just taken out yesterday DEC 11, 2012! It was a video I did as a "got-ya!" humorous trick on whoever was intruding into my PC. The Video was name "I photograpged an UFO"... LOL... and that I knew what they are doing. For years they (aliens, gray/reptilion and what seem to be witchcraft or spititual attacks and whatever)they have tried to get at me, but remarkably they could not! That reason I will share with only certain people I know who need the info. What the heck... My email (no secret to the enemy) is Please contact me if you wish so we can share (I'll also give my background stuff). I'm in NC.

    1. Please help me. I'm in TN. I'll send an email to you now. Check your junk mail please.